What is in Focuzeen?

Focuzeen is comprised of natural ingredients.

How Fast Does Focuzeen Take to Work?

You should begin to feel the energizing effects of the supplement between 30-minutes to a full  hour. The focus aspects of Focuzeen occurs by the second hour. The full effects last approximately six hours. 

What Expectations Should I have with Focuzeen?

The exact reactions vary from person to person, but the general effects are as follows.

The Focuzeen formula offers an increase in the ability to focus, a boost to brain function and boost to memory. Expect to feel a burst of energy. For those who take the supplement daily, expect enhanced and lost-lasting energy.

What is the Dosage for Focuzeen?

With all new and potent supplements like Focuzeen it is important to taper up to the full dose. With that in mind, most people start with one capsule and then graduate to the recommended dosage of two capsules. Keep in mind that our brain chemistry is as unique as we are, so results vary from person to person.

How Many Caplets are in a bottle of Focuzeen?

Focuzeen is sold in 30-serving bottles which contain 60 capsules. 

How Fast Do You Process Orders?

Orders are processed within three business days. Most orders are processed by the second day after we receive them.

Do you offer a Trial Period?

Not at this time however we will soon be offering a free trial. Check back at a later date.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects of Focuzeen?

Because we are all an individual, some people may experience a reaction to Focuzeen. Side effects are rare but possible. You may review our ingredient list for known allergens. This is why we suggest that people taper their dose to full strength. Women who are pregnant and those people who are under 18 years of age should not take Focuzeen without a doctor's approval. You should also consult with your doctor if you take any medication on a regular basis. 

Can I use Caffeinated Beverages with Focuzeen? 

It is not advised to take large amounts of caffeine with Focuzeen, but the occasional cup of coffee is okay if you are someone who is not negatively affected by caffeine. It is always our recommendation that you being your trial of Focuzeen without consuming coffee or caffeinated beverages. 

How Long Can I Take Focuzeen?

You can take Focuzeen every day. It is at its best when it is consumed consistently. However, you do not need to take Focuzeen every day to enjoy its benefits. If you are concerned about forming a habit you can limit intake to just M-F and enjoy the weekends without the benefit of Focuzeen.

What If I have a Regular Prescription Medication?

You will need to discuss combining your regular medications with either a pharmacist or your doctor. We cannot recommend or approve usage with other medications as we are not qualified to make those determinations. 

What if I have a Heart Condition or another Pre-existing Medical Condition? 

You would need to clear taking Focuzeen with your doctor before using our product with any pre-existing medical condition. Only your doctor is qualified to provide you with personal medical advice. 

Do you Ship Outside the US? 

We are in the process of setting up international shipping for Focuzeen. Please check back.